Osgoode Hall Cafeteria

When it was recommended that I check out the Osgoode Hall Cafeteria, I braced myself for what I thought would be reminiscent of cafeterias from my past. I pictured food that only a lunch lady could love, full of fun loving trans fats.

Thankfully the Osgoode Hall Cafeteria is nothing of the sort. When I speak of the cafeteria I am not talking of that other little known gem the Osgoode Hall Restaurant this truly is a cafeteria meant for more day-to-day dining than a special occasion lunch. The Executive Chef Adam Foley oversees the food for both, accounting for good quality at cafeteria pricing.

The only hurdle to overcome is actually finding the cafeteria. You enter through the door labeled Law Society of Upper Canada accessed via the laneway on the east side of the building (between Osgoode Hall and Nathan Phillips Square).

Once inside you turn right at the security desk and proceed down the stairwell to the cafeteria, simply follow the signs and you’ll get there. There are no security checkpoints along the way.

The cafeteria itself is bright and basic, with plenty of seating and a few added armchairs for comfort. The large screen TV blares CP24 so that you can keep current while you eat.

The cafeteria serves both breakfast (8:30 am-10:30 am) and Lunch (12:00pm-2:00pm) from Monday to Friday. There are good deals and quality food to found at both services.

On the day I dine for lunch I select the Hot Value Meal ($7.00), which includes the protein main, starch/vegetable side, soup or salad and a drink. Today’s special is Chicken with Wild Mushroom Sauce, Penne Pomodoro and Blond Onion Soup.

The food is simple but executed wonderfully. You truly are getting bang for your buck at this restaurant. Indeed, I get 2 chicken breasts in my order. There is some inexplicable cheese on the chicken, which could have been omitted, but otherwise the chicken is incredibly moist and the sauce is seasoned perfectly.

The penne also serves as the vegetarian hot meal option; the sauce is light with chunks of real tomato, so it doesn’t overload the fairly creamy sauce of the chicken.

The hot specials change daily, as do the soup and salad offerings (Sandwiches $4.00, Salads $2.50). If you are in the mood for a sandwich they have all the regular options (made fresh), which can be ordered a la carte or as part of a combo.

Breakfast offerings include hot specials in addition to muffins, bagels etc. They also happen to make my favourite fruit salad ($2.50), containing more strawberries that you can shake a stick at.

If you are looking for a healthy and fresh alternative to the fast food cuisine in the area I encourage you to check out the Osgoode Hall Cafeteria.


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