Prohibition/Booze: What’s in a Name?

Much like the rest of Queen East I was intrigued in watching the signage change leading up to Prohibition’s soft opening. I thought it was a PR stunt at first, but it was then reported that the name change was actually due to an order by the AGCO.

The story goes that the licensing officer “found that the name implied promoting the immoderate consumption of liquor.”

Unfortunately, the name is one of the only interesting things I can say about this self-described gastropub. While the drinks are delicious and plentiful, the food did not entirely live up to the restaurant’s hype.

We started with the Calamari ($8.95), which had good texture and flavour. The spicy dip added punch – a great bar snack.

The next dish was the Chicken ($12.95). While the presentation was great and the chicken was quite tender, the sides left something to be desired. The kitchen had switched out the listed green beans for asparagus (without notifying me). The other side of mashed potatoes arrived at a temperature much colder than the chicken and asparagus. Pouring the side of gravy over them warmed them a bit.

We moved on to a more whimsical dish, the Grilled Cheese ($8.95 plus $1.50 extra for a Caesar Salad). The sandwich was described as having apple smoked cheddar, but it essentially tasted just like regular cheddar cheese. The salad gets points for using real bacon, not bacon bits, but it was coated in too much parmesan and dressing to the point of being soggy.

I have been to Prohibition a few times, and each time they seem to be out of something – be it cheese, onion rings, or, at points, entire appetizer dishes (which to me says some items are coming in pre-fabricated).

The wine and beer selection is impressive, something one would expect at a place originally named Booze. I wouldn’t give Prohibition a complete miss, but come for a drink (or two) and stick to the lighter fare. But for the love of God do no get the antipasto plate totally over priced and not even worthy of a photo.


One response to “Prohibition/Booze: What’s in a Name?

  1. Great post. Exactly. For the love of god don’t.

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