Girls Night Out – Weezie

True confession, I am still friends with a good deal of the people I knew in high school.  Not just Facebook friends, but the kind of friends you can call when you have to be bailed of jail.  I consider this one of the proudest parts of my life.  My network of friends is varied and spread across the country. 
Now the ladies pictured above are not ones I knew in high school.  I met them in my first year of university, and we are still very very close.  But life is busy (careers, marriage and the other trappings) so we don’t get to sit down just the four of us and kibbitz as often as we would like.
The last time we went out to dinner the conversation was stellar but the food was, well, not.
So this time we wanted somewhere that was comfortable and consistent. 

Initially I suggested Terroni, they have a new trendy location but the same great food. 
However, when I went to make a reservation I was told that they don’t take reservations after 6pm on Fridays.  Well, I knew that the place would have a line up out the door by the time we got there and we would be forced to cram by the bar.  
Then Kinnon suggested that we hit up Weezie, a place that I had totally forgotten about. And we couldn’t have been happier with the results.  I started with the poutine topped with braised beef and gravy.  Wonderful and hearty, exactly what I needed on an extreme cold alert day.

My main was actually another small plate, the beef tartar with toasts.  Forgive the picture, the flash gives it that extra touch of well, redness. But it tasted so good, with just the right amount of spice.  It (along with every else’s mains) was gone within seconds. 

With a great menu filled with adaptations of comfort food, Weezie is a great place.  Other dishes consumed that evening were the Mac and Cheese, Burger and Steak Frites.   It is located at 354 King Street East (at Power) and I would recommend reservations, especially if dining on a Friday or Saturday night.  In addition to fun girls nights it is also great for a date, you can ask for the “romance” table to make it extra special.

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