The Giant Cupcake that Ate Homer’s Birthday!

So no recipe this week more of a tip post.

For Tristan’s Birthday I decided to try out the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan. I Googled some tips (seeing as how the actual pan comes with no information) and got to work.

I used 2 boxes of cake mix and upon reflection I probably could have gotten away with one. Just make sure you put an equal amount in each side. As you can see it mushroomed ALOT. I baked it using a slightly longer time than the bundt cake directions. However I kept rotating it and kept an eye on it, as each oven is different.

I made sure to both grease and flour the pan beforehand and as such it took only a quick slip of a knife to get it out.

I did have to trim the mushroom part off and it worked pretty well. My Mom suggested I freeze the left over bits for making triffle later on.

To be honest the only really difficult part was icing the cake. I don’t have a pastry bag or icing tips, but I can tell you that the standard spatula method did not really do the cake justice. I think it would have been easier and prettier if I had used a pastry bag.

All that said, everyone really like the cake. Thanks to Jenna for lending me the pan!


One response to “The Giant Cupcake that Ate Homer’s Birthday!

  1. This cake was wonderful in every way. Thanks, Hungry Hungry Hilly!

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