A Good Breakfast Sanwich Is Hard To Find

So, my camera is pooched (or rather the battery is) and the post I was going to write about and the photos are trapped inside. Hopefully the new battery I bought will solve the problem, but until it charges I have a loaner camera from my friend Avery.

I never realized how much I use a camera. And as you can see I clearly need to play around with Avery’s to learn how to use it. See grey photo at left.

I had “late” night last night spent having some sangria, talking with Kinnon in Paris and dancing around like crazy in Avery’s living room.

As such I needed the kind of sustenance not usually provided in my everyday breakfast (1 cup berries, 1/2 cup All Bran, 1/2 cup yogurt).

I had been wanting to try the Starbucks breakfast sandwich for a while so this morning I went to get one. I opted for the Reduced Fat Bacon Style Turkey (I am not sure why they just don’t say Turkey Bacon) and it was tasty! Very hearty and had a whole wheat english muffin. It just felt more substantial than old Rotten Ronny’s (aka McJaundis). However, unlike the clown place my breakfast sandwich and “grande” tea cost just over $6 (!).

So more expensive, but you don’t feel as guilty as it is healthier for you.

Stay tuned because I am entertaining the idea of a cleanse next week (my tummy hasn’t been right lately and perhaps I need to clean house as it were).


2 responses to “A Good Breakfast Sanwich Is Hard To Find

  1. Yay! Hyperlinked.I love the breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks. I always get the reduced fat one too, because it says it has 45% less fat than the other ones. And it says it has 11g of fat. So do the math – the other ones must have 20g of fat. Isn’t that more than a big mac or something?Have fun with the camera… you’ll get the hang of it.

  2. I dunno if you can get it in Ontario, but the WILD ROSE DETOX KIT is spectacular. Read all about it online… try it and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

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