‘Tis The Season

So things happen and life gets away from you and suddenly it is a month later and you haven’t updated your blog.

After the most interesting move ever, there was a bit of time that I wasn’t really cooking at all. We were eating all processed foods or eating out (I ate so much pizza last month it was almost enough to make me never want it again, almost).

But then things settled down and a rhythm got happening and before you know I was cooking (and BBQ’ing!) up a storm. However, I still don’t really have a camera to call my own and the one I have borrowed I can’t seem to get the hang of.

There are tons and tons of recipes to tell you about and perhaps when I am not at work I will transcribe them, complete with results. However it is the picture at right (thanks Google Images!) that I want to speak of today, because strawberry season is almost over and today was the first day I had real taste of what strawberries are supposed to be.

Red, soft and so sweet. Not as I have come to eat from supermarkets, tough, slightly white and bordering on sour. You see I went to the weekly Farmer’s Market at Nathan Phillips Square and I now I plan to make it a weekly trip, well at least until the end of July when I leave this job.

We have a market in my hometown of St. Catharines that happens twice weekly and I love going to look at the flowers and all the many culinary offerings. This gave a bit of a taste of home and the farm country that borders it.

The Nathan Phillips Square Market was full of great things, including some meats and pastries. With limited funds on hand I opted for a pint of fresh strawberries ($4.50), that were literally the best strawberries of the season. A bit more than I might pay at Loblaws, but better by miles.

I hope you are enjoying all that summer has to offer.

I’ll see you sooner than you think.


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