Recession Gifting

Hey guess what?  We are in a recession! Just in time for Christmas! 

I don’t really think I had to tell anyone that, but it is what inspired this post.  Well, that and Oprah, who is apparently not immune to the hardened financial times we are in.
I felt like I should get something for my co-workers this year and since I don’t work in a place where some sort of “secret Santa” (do you capitalize Santa?) is organized and we are a small operation I figure I should get something for everyone.
In order to be economical about it, I thought a homemade gift would be the way to go.  As luck would have it, the December 2008 Oprah magazine had some solutions.
So here I bring you the easiest gift you will probably ever make.  I made it in under 10 minutes and now all they require is a bow and a label (which coincidentally I am pilfering from work).  
Hot Chocolate Mocha Mix
Adapted from O Magazine, December 2008
3/4 cup premium un-sweetened cacao
3 tbsp instant espresso 
1/2 cup Splenda
Combine dry ingredients and spoon into a small decorative tin or a glass mason jar (as I have done).  Attach a tag that says “Mix 3 tbsp hot chocolate mocha mix with 1 cup steamed or simmered milk.   Top with marshmallows.”  
Done and Done.

2 responses to “Recession Gifting

  1. Mberenis

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  2. thanks for the gifting ideas. These are cool.

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