It is hard to know where to start after being away for so long. People who read this blog sort of know where I have been and what I have been up to. For the most part it was work, but really just the last month and half or so.

During that time the cooking momentum stopped and I was basically eating things that could be defrosted or thrown together very quickly.
There were a few successes over the last few months. Notably in the area of croissant making and pizza dough making (I do love my carbs).
I also baked up some tasty gingerbread cookies, roasted a whole chicken so as you can see it wasn’t all work and no play (as evidence by the photo below) but it felt like it sometimes.
The coming months are going to be even more interesting both personally and professionally as I head off to Whistler for about 2 months starting February 2. I am going to work on the Olympics taking a sort of leave from my normal job. I hope to keep up the blog during that time as well, though it will have decidedly different tone.
Instead of posting a recipe I thought I might just point you in the direction of a good book I picked up at the library called The Food You Crave by Ellie Krieger.
Krieger has a show on the food network that I have enjoyed, which focuses on healthy revisioning of comfort food and classic dishes. I found her book really great with nice photos, easy recipes and full nutritional information on each one (something I find is missing in the GI diet books I have)
I don’t have any photos yet of recipes I have made (the Bittman calzones above while tasty are not exactly figure friendly), they have all turned out quite well and I look forward to trying a few more before it has to go back.

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