Opening Day

The Iphone took that photo, not bad eh?

I have to get better at carrying my real camera around with me to snap better photos. I snapped one on the Iphone of John Furlong watching the medals ceremony from backstage. He seems like a very nice guy. He was chatting and dancing to drums with the volunteers backstage.
Our opening ceremonies happened last night and went off very well. Our cauldron lighting was great! It involved a torch runner throwing his torch into the air and a rocket seeming to come from top and shoot across the audience to light the giant (really giant) torch replica at the back of the house (causing it’s flame to light). Some great pyro.
We only had two ceremonies because Alpine was cancelled so I was running my butt off getting the IOC/IF presenters to the stage. Seeing the athletes backstage with the medals was pretty great.
We also had All American Rejects last night, and there were a big hit with what seemed to be a largely young crowd. It wasn’t as packed as it could have been, but it also poured rain all day and the tickets were free (so there was no cost associated with not going).
The Rejects were nice guys, the lead singer is a bit of a character but they were professional and on time so what more can you ask?
Today we have Estelle and I have heard she is a handful, wish me luck!

One response to “Opening Day

  1. Sounds like your having a great time, Hilly! Keep posting – I love reading what you've been up to!


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