So, That Happened

Hey look it’s Jimmy Fallon’s shoulder! (to the right) and The Roots.
That was intense, could I have blogged each and everyday? Maybe. Though I was limited to using my phone most of the time, which is why the previous ones were so short.
Summary? The days were longish and with odd hours, I met some nice people (Jimmy Fallon), I met some rude people (Feist), I took illegal photos of medals but never held one, I ate poutine and I drank more Diet Coke than you should probably consume in a lifetime.
I am on a break right now for a week staying with my friend Oliver in Vancouver until going back up to work the Paralympics, which I think will be an experience unto itself. When I left Whistler yesterday the streets had already cleared out and they were taking down a bunch of the satellite stages they had set up for the games.
We had no events on the last official day of the games (February 28) and so I watched the hockey game with Oliver and friends in his condo, which was conveniently located by the village stage where Blue Rodeo was to have a free concert following the game. They also showed the game on the two giant screens flanking the stage.
After we watched the storybook ending we decided we really should see the medals ceremony in the square with all the people. As we walked down we saw the thousands (?) of people jammed in the square, hanging out of windows and sitting on rooftops. Just as we approached a little space opened up front row and we ducked in. It was a miracle as though the crowd parted just for us.
And so we the national anthem along with the crowd and hooted and cheered. Then Blue Rodeo took the stage, and played what was probably the most receptive and heart felt concert I have ever witnessed. For the encore they did “Lost Together” and the entire crowd sang along. It was amazing and wonderful, it made everything come together and the long (and sometimes boring) days worthwhile. The moment made me remember why I did this crazy nutty thing.
On to the next!
Oh and incidentally this was the longest I have ever gone without cooking, I made one dish the entire time I was there. A Barefoot Contessa rice recipe that I hope to write about in the future.
But for now….


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