In Just Seven Days

I have a Tumblr now, which I update only somewhat more than this old chestnut.
But this needed a bit of a longer entry.
Last Thursday I had my first ever serious bike accident. Coming home I got caught in the streetcar tracks near Eastern and Greenwood and was shot to the pavement. I didn’t have any broken bones, but I did some pretty serious damage to two of my teeth. I have never been more thankful for my helmet.
So on Friday I spent 8 hours with a variety of health care providers. Mainly my dentist. I came out with a temporary fake tooth (a crown as they call it) and a referral for more work. I am in the process of getting a permanent crown on my one tooth but because it cracked so far up I needed to have some gum surgery so that the permanent one could bond to it. I had the surgery (aka the most expensive 45 minutes of my life) and now wait a couple of weeks (months?) and then I get my new fakeish tooth. My left arm is also a little poochy but getting better. And I actually had a really great experience with our health care system, so that says something.
I was going to write a long blog post about soft foods, but I tell you, there are more forums devoted to soft food diets than I anticipated. So you know, Google it.
But I will say that aside from the usual, smoothies, ice cream, mashed potatoes and eggs, I have also enjoyed pita bread (I can tear it into tiny pieces and soak it in dip while shoving it to the back of my mouth), borscht (delicious and cool for summer, just blended up real fine) and french fries. I also intend to enjoy some risotto and lentils in the coming weeks. Soft food isn’t so bad really.
Oh, and we are also a member of a CSA so I am tested each week with the ingredients they give us (though if it is lettuce Homer usually has to eat it). This week I made this recipe with Turnip Greens.
I also made a dynamic beet salad, which was a riff on this one, used canned beets, no arugula. It was delicious.
That is the update for now, more CSA findings coming soon.
And kids, remember to wear your helmet.

2 responses to “In Just Seven Days

  1. kam

    I love our CSA boxes, but they do pose an enormous challenge. I have never had to spend so much time with garlic scapes in my life.

    Glad you are (mostly) okay…

  2. Thanks Kam. Yes we have had a ton of garlic scapes, and also lots of lettuce this time of year. I end up making a lot of salads. Garlic scapes make a delicious but potent pesto and you can freeze them apparently.

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